Project Description

Previously Nason Hospital was using the services of a mobile unit 3 days per week. Due to the increased utilization of MRI services as a modality for diagnostic examination, as well as demand for increased availability, the mobile service arrangement was no longer adequate. The construction of a new 1,000 square foot addition was added adjacent to the existing Radiology Department. The new MRI suite is conveniently located so as to take advantage of current Radiology Patient Registration and Family Waiting, while it provides Stretcher Holding, Changing, and Gowned Waiting Areas within the new suite. There is a separate MRI Control Room with direct line of sight to the patient in the MRI Scan Room and to the Holding Area. In addition, a skylight over the magnet delivery opening in the room of the building provides the MRI scan room with natural light, which has been shown to calm claustrophobic patients.

With the existing Recovery Room fast becoming inadequate due to the growing number of outpatient surgeries, the changing complexity and size of equipment and nursing needs, a new Recovery Room Suite was created. This new suite occupies the vacated Labor and Delivery Suite and was designed to provide ample workspaces for the requisite areas such as: Nurses work and charting area as well as clean and soiled utilities. New lighting, medical gases and new finishes were also installed. Minor changes to the adjacent Operating Room were made. The Anesthesiologist’s office and Anesthesia work area were also relocated from the existing Operating Room to the new Recovery Room Suite. Architect: Frank Dachille Architects, P.C.