Project Description

We designed an 80,000SF addition to the original 40,000SF metal building for a wholesale pharmacy operation. The pharmacy was as study in material handling as they take in bulk medicines by the truckload and they then ship out individual prescriptions to prisons and nursing homes across the country. We insulated the addition with a spray foam application providing an R of 74 in the roof and an R of 56 in the walls. Fresh air was provided through a series of small Energy Recovery Units coupled to heat pumps that provided localized control and flexibility. The spray insulation reduced the infiltration to near zero and thereby reduced the required AC by nearly 100 tons. The heat and air conditioning relies on 80 geothermal wells on a building wide circulation system. Both a small boiler and a cooling tower were installed on the loop to deal with peak loads and supplement the wells. Architect: Thomas R. Harley Architects, LLC